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Support us in raising £1,000 to provide long term early onset dementia care for Mo Foster’s widow Kay, who is now happily residing in a lovely care home in Eastbourne.


her latest album


A couple of years ago I composed and produced this album 
for my old Affinity bandmate Linda Hoyle.
The CD was released on Angel Air Records.

Linda Hoyle had been the lead singer in my early 70s jazz-rock band Affinity.

In early 1971 the band split, and disillusioned by the music industry at the time Linda quit and started a new life as an academic in Canada.

In 2011 the University of Sussex at Falmer near Brighton (my alma mater) celebrated it's 50th birthday. I put a band together for a reunion concert

Linda — who just happened to be visiting friends four miles away in Lewes —joined us onstage that night and sang a couple of songs. It was this reunion that sparked her desire to perform again, and she and I began writing and recording.

It was a difficult project because Linda lives in Canada and I live in England, but we got there! 


Legendary artist Roger Dean — an old friend of ours from Ronnie Scott days — designed the beautiful cover.

Vinyl Release




We had always fancied a vinyl release - especially because of Roger Dean's wonderful artwork 
We were contacted by a Norwegian company - Pancromatic Records - who specialise in vinyl LPs. 
To fill four sides of the vinyl Linda and I had to write and record a brand new song: ‘Who’s There?'.


The double LP is now available.

It looks great, sounds great, and even smells great.


The company only pressed 600 copies, but if you would like one, here is the info:

For black vinyl: 

For solid blue, black, and white vinyl (as seen below): 




Or you can buy the CD here


(see more images of Linda Hoyle)

(see more images of Affinity)


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