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an illustrative talk

Mo Foster was an established as a highly respected studio session musician, record producer, composer, solo artist, author, and now raconteur. His book British Rock Guitar was published in 2011. 

Over the years — as part of the promotion for the book —he had been giving illustrated talks at arts centres and music colleges around the country.
Mo revealed insider’s knowledge to the history of the guitar and to the development of British music over the last 50 years

The illustrated talk was structured around his career, but with stories and images drawn from everyone featured in the book: it is an evening of amusing and revealing anecdotes.

Mo: On the day that I finished the book I needed to go out for fresh air. I happened to walk past Air Lyndhurst Studios in Hampstead just as my old friend — sax player Phil Todd — was walking in for a session. We hadn’t seen each other for years and had a quick catch-up:
Me: “I finished a book today — it’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done — it took me two years” 
Phil: “What, to read one?”


Topics in the talk illustrated by images from the book include:

  • Musicians’ Humour

  • History of Recording

  • Reverb

  • Skiffle

  • Early Equipment

  • Home-Made Instruments

  • Auditions

  • First Electric Guitar

  • First Bass Guitar

  • Reading Music

  • Clubs

  • In The Studio/Sessions

  • Hotels and Digs

  • On The Road

  • A momentary lack of professionalism

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