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The text on page is preserved from Mo's original website.  

I’ve heard it said that when a person dies, it is as though a library is burning down.

Since I started work on my book, over forty of the original contributors have sadly died (in the last couple of years we lost Gerry Rafferty, Gary Moore, Joe Moretti, Bert Weedon, Big Jim Sullivan, Jack Bruce, Jet Harris, Andy Fraser and.... now George Martin). 

Had I not jotted down my conversations with the wonderful musicians and friends listed here —each of whom made a valuable contribution to the book — their unique stories would have been lost forever. 

- Mo Foster

Adrian Kerridge
Greg Lake
Jerry Lordan
Jim Marshall
George Martin
Brendan McCormack
Tony Meehan
Joe Moretti
Barry Morgan 
Gary Moore
Hugh Murphy
Brian Odgers aka Badger
Rick Parfitt
Reg Presley
Chris Rae
Gerry Rafferty
Noel Redding
Jim Rodford
Ronnie Scott
Barry de Souza
Big Jim Sullivan
Graham Todd
Derek Wadsworth
Ray Warleigh
Bernard Watkins 

Charlie Watkins
Peter Watkins
John Wetton

Tony Ashton
Jack Bruce
Stuart Calver
Frank Clarke
Tony Crombie
Dick Denney
Lonnie Donegan
Gus Dudgeon
Geoff Emerick
Keith Emerson
John Entwhistle
Tommy Eyre
Andy Fraser
Mel Galley
Keith Grant
Mick Green
Johnny Gustafson
Jet Harris
George Harrison

Clive Hicks
Alan Holdsworth
Hugh Hopper
Graham Jarvis

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